Why Donate

The number of Londoners living with food insecurity is roughly 1 in 4. Donating to local food banks will put food on the table for many elderly, families and individuals, who through no fault of their own and made worse by COVID-19, are struggling to eat.

Food or money

Food banks, community and mutual aid groups often accept money to buy what their experience has shown to be most in demand. You can also donate food and other essential supplies such as toiletries.

What to donate

We always have a need for the following basic dry foods and essentials:

• UHT/long life milk • Sugar • Flour Cooking oil • Rice • Pasta • Tinned meat • Tinned fish esp. tuna • Tinned pulses/legumes • Dry pulses • Tinned Vegetables • Tinned soups • Tinned/jar tomatoes • Pasta/curry/other cooking sauces • Cereals • Tinned puddings • Tea • Coffee • Sauces e.g. ketchup • Spices

Toiletries • Baby toiletries • Sanitary products • Incontinence wear • Bars of soaps • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Sanitiser • Basic cleaning products • • Washing tablets (easier to share) in preference to powder or liquid please

TREATS: Biscuits • Cakes • Chocolates • Jams & Marmalade • Chutneys are always welcome, as everyone deserves a treat.

How to donate

As an individual: Please donate to your local food community food aid group (click to see the map). Please check opening times with the organisations before delivering.

In bulk: Start a local collection group, organise neighbours and friends to get multiple items based on the top needs. You can then drop these to our bulk collection site at Haringey Food Hub, Hornsey Parish Church, Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, N10 3AH. 
Open for donations: Monday 12-2.30pm, Wednesday 12-2.30pm, Thursday 11am-2.3pm.

Organisations currently benefitting from The Haringey Food Hub

Please check opening times with the organisations before delivering.

Bounds Green Foodbank, Catholic Workers, Community Cook Up, Feast with us, Edible London, Gospel Centre Church, Haringey Community FoodBox, Holy Trinity Foodbank (Stroud Green), Hornsey Food Bank, Impact Cuisine, Kaotic Angels Nomads, Muswell Hill Foodbank, The People’s Christian Fellowship Springfield Food Bank, OK Foundation, Selby Food Hub, St Peter-in-Chains Soup Run.

Other local community food providers keen for donations

Antwerp Arms Association, Derby Hall Foodbank Transformation Church, Five Loaves Foodbank Triumphant Church International, Tottenham Foodbank, Haringey Play Food Parcels, St Ann’s Food Hub, St Francis de Sales Church, St Monica’s Church, The Wellside Holy Trinity (Tottenham).

StreetBox London If you buy a veg box from StreetBox, they donate the equivalent fresh food and veg to a local community through their partnership with Edible London.

Catering supplies

We work with caterers and community kitchens to create daily hot meals for people in need. If you can supply catering quantities of rice, pasta, cooking oil, flour, sauces, spices and other essentials, please bring them to the Hub, using the contact page to get in touch to arrange. Thank you.